Friday, November 21, 2008

Addendum to Trees

This morning my three year old, God bless him, was eating breakfast and he looked out the kitchen window and he said to his dad, "Daddy, what's wrong with that tree?"

Maybe I should send Will to go talk to my neighbors.

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Miriam Keller said...

Ok, so I did not set out to invade your privacy (in this public forum), it’s just that I opened up my Facebook page (not a faithful follower of this venue), and there was Jean Spangle’s photo from when she invited me to be a “friend”! Knowing you are good friends I could not resist checking to see if you had posted pictures of your kids; you had. They are darling! And then saw your blog--by accident. I was never quite sure just what a “blog” is, so thought I would check; and well now I know! It was over 5yrs ago (Griffin will be 5 on 6/17) when we began e-mailing back and forth; I got “hooked” because you write well, and who does not enjoy a well written piece?! That said, I kept reading your blog…

It was a hot Memorial Day in No CA. By late afternoon a brisk breeze began to blow sending great scents from the neighbors’ jasmine and rose bushes right thru my open windows. While reading your often humorous entries Griffin and Morgan caught my attention as they ran through the house. Now exhausted, they lay quietly beside me as I write. A sign of a time well had!

About girls and shoes: Carrie Bradshaw is wise beyond her years, really. And if anyone knows shoes and clothes, she does. So Lindsay simply has a head -start on her contemporaries! And pink is a very good starting point when it comes to shoes.

Will IS a wise person…Imagine, well before his 5th birthday he concerned himself with a tree! Now, what if trees DO have feelings? Your Mr. Ficas, for example, was “brought into this earth” for the sole purpose of giving pleasure, be admired, and in this case be part of a child’s memory. Mr. Ficas asked little in return. My dime is on the tree- the neighbor thing, well, has little to do with the tree. While he was given a pretty hacked up “hair cut” (ouch!) because someone was not so happy one day, I bet it has pretty green leaves and healthy branches once again. On the other hand, maybe someone ripped the life right out of it…

About ” spoiling of husbands” (add children, friends, and animals, too). .. So this is the thing: if it makes you feel good, makes the other person feel good, you see reciprocation with others, and when you look into their eyes you feel a fuzzy warmth inside ‘cause you know they know you really love them, then call it whatever THEY will-you can call it right. The Velveteen Rabbit will always be one of my favorite books! I read it again a few months ago, and it reminded me that we have too many things we don’t need; worry about things for naught forgetting that life is a whole lot about simplicity, happiness and love. Oh, no,no,no,no! By no means do I suggest pink shoes and little girls have no importance!

Well, dusk has set, the house is cool, a hot bath calls, and I know just the book to take to bed… This has been an evening well spent. -Nite.