Monday, November 17, 2008

Santa Anas

It's sort of the irony of the world that something that can cause so much beauty can also wreak so much havoc. In this case, Santa Anas. When the Santa Anas are blowing we have this amazingly clear view of La Jolla from our deck. When the sun sets it shines off of some of the windows in La Jolla, making La Jolla literally sparkle. The smog and pollution that the Santa Anas blow out to sea make the sunsets glow a bright orange red in a way that they don't at other times (assuming we can see the sunset through the marine layer of fog that covers the coast for a great portion of the year). In a word, they're beautiful. Breathtaking even. But there's a downside to that beauty as well.
With the Santa Anas come the winds and dry conditions that not only often start fires here in Southern California, but fuel them and make them burn out of control. And often what's lingering in the air off the coast to make the sunset so fiery red and orange is the smoke from those fires. For a lot of people I know, including myself, the Santa Anas also tend to bring sinus headaches from the change in atmospheric pressure. It seems sort of strange that a weather pattern could cause headaches (not to mention hay fever) but I know so many people who talk about it that there must be something to it.

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